So many scanlation groups have come and gone. We are a new scanlation group that is planning to stay. We would like you to post comments and suggestions on manga’s you would like us to scan. We hope you come to enjoy the manga we scan.

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7 responses to “Beginning

  • Jenn

    So glad you picked up 07 ghost it’s one of my favorite manga’s

  • Msgoldenweek

    Hello and first, thank you for scanlating 07 ghost. Is it okay if i suggest a manga to be scanlated? There is this manga called ‘Monokuro Kitan’ ( ). It is serialized in monthly G-Fantasy magazine.
    Um, if you do scanlate it, thank you very much and if you don’t, have a good day. 🙂

  • Layfon

    okay i will see if i can
    i will check it later on today and discuss with ryner if it would be possible for us to release it
    thanks for reading 🙂 and i will reply later on today

  • Shak

    Hi guy’s:

    First I’d like to say thanks a lot for taking up 07-ghost, i think it’s awesome.

    Second I’d like to recommend a few manga’s:
    – Tsumanuda Fight Town:
    The 18 year old Mitsuru Yaegashi arrives in Tokyo planning to become a professional Illustrator. While searching for cheap apartments he suddenly gets wrapped up in in the Town Renewal Project, becoming part of the Fight Town. He fights his first fight against a boxer to defend the boxers grandmother and prove him wrong. After becoming part of fight town he wants to leave but after registering there is a penalty fine and he’ll be charged by the police for the fight!

    General Tokugawa was given 13 angel swords to bring peace to Japan. However just when Tokugawa started a new dynasty, he was assassinated by his 12 commanders, aka masters of the 12 sacred swords. The last one, Fire Phoenix, was given to Dohran, Tokugawa’s naive son . Many years have passed and now, under the cover of a traveller, Dohran is seeking for revenge and to bring back “the world of laughter”

    -Zettai Joousei
    The male lead has gynophobia (fear of woman) due to a traumatic experience. Under his sister, who is a nun with little brother-complex,’s recommendation, he entered a previously all female-school that now has 9:1 female to male ratio. This is a story of that man with the Queen of the school, who has demanded him to work for her as her secretary.

    I’m not really much help with raws, but the two websites I know for raws are:
    On raw distro you can request manga raws if they don’t have them at:

    P.s sorry about the long rant =)
    Keep up the great work!!!

    • Layfon

      we would like to do most but we are looking for translators 🙂
      if you know any translators that are willing to help, please notify us, it would be a big help, thanks again

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